Ashram Yoga Retreat
From 15th - 22nd February 2020
plus excursions arranged in Mumbai before the retreat if desired.
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Yoga Vidya Gurukul near Nasik (3 hours drive from Mumbai), was founded in 1978 by Yogacharya Dr Vishwas Mandlik as a non-profit organisation. The organisation is inspired and guided by the vision of Swami Satyananda of Bihar School of Yoga.

What is included

Accommodation which is shared, usually 4 beds per room, with your own curtain to draw around your area for privacy, and a shared toilet and basin. Showers are available, bucket showers are the norm (in the shared toilet). For those that worry about snoring the Ashram can either put snorers together or find a separate room.

Ashram food is vegetarian, cooked on the premises, and delicious. There are 3 meals per day. All meal times are in silence.

Water and herbal teas are available between meals.

The yoga sessions will occur twice a day, early morning (5.30 am), to include chanting and breathing techniques / pranayama and relaxation, and then late afternoon before the evening meal. After the evening meal there is a practice called Havan, this is chanting whist burning Gee over a fire, a very spiritual practice that I would recommend you try, it is performed every night, but not mandatory to attend.

The practice of Karma yoga will be a daily practice before breakfast, this is helping clean the Ashram/cook/water plants etc.

There will be talks on Ashram lifestyle, on Ayurveda, different types of yoga, plus cooking lessons, and cleansing techniques during the days. The centre is also a yoga therapy centre, so there is a pool we can use, plus treatments to try (at extra cost, but still cheap). I will also offer yoga nidra relaxation sessions during the week.

There will be a trip to Nasik during the week, plus to the Temple in the nearest village.

The Ashram is a peaceful place, silence is requested before the yoga session in the morning, plus at meal times. Respect of the Ashram rules is necessary so that all at the Ashram can enjoy the peace and have time to relax, unwind and have the opportunity for contemplation.

I spent a month at the Ashram 3 years ago, it was one of the best things I have done, I remained calm and stress free for a long time after returning to England. The experience spurred me on to follow a long term dream, which has been fulfilled (moving up north). To book your place on this retreat I will need to speak to you to make sure you are aware of the lifestyle that will be required.

The cost is TBA, not including flights, or stay in Mumbai. Airport transfers can be arranged to the Asram from Mumbai for up to £30 pp (depending on sharing cost).

Details of the yoga therapy below may be of interest, extending your stay to receive treatment may be very helpful.

Important Info

An Indian Visa will be required. An online application can be made for around £90. The Ashram area has been malaria free for over 30 years. Please contact me if you need any information about India, transfers to hotels or the Ashram.